I’ve been a fan of Danielle LaPorte for some time. I resonate deeply with people who are stepping into who they are, where they are, and being honest about that process (even if it goes against the status quo. Even if it might not always be “perfect”).

The print release of The Fire Starter Sessions is now here–at the time that we did this interview, she had just started the digital release and was gearing up for launch day. I had no idea how much The Fire Starter Sessions would be a game-changer, and I cannot recommend it enough (and, by the way, I’ve seen an advance copy–it truly is a luscious book).

The interview is audio only, but I put it into a video format to side-step any issues with browsers. There’s lots of great stuff in here, including some wisdom on stepping into speaking your truth: “Truth never attacks.”

Click here to get the print version of The Fire Starter Sessions.