Debated, debated, debated about whether or not to take a holiday hiatus.

I like the email.  I don’t have guilt issues with the email. I don’t feel a desire to simplify my life in three easy steps by avoiding email.


The truth is I do notice that when I get some time away from the computer, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. That’s why I take my weekends off as part of practicing self-care, and I think that since the rest of the world will be putting up the standard, “I’m away for the holidays!” message on their blogs, I might as well follow suit. Yeah?

There’s a practice in Tibetan Buddhism called Tonglen. Instead of trying to only want the good things in the world, you breathe in other people’s stuff and then breathe out loving kindness.

I’ve been thinking about Tonglen, maybe even risking a breath or two when I see someone stressed out. Maybe if I breathe in a bit of her stuff, and then release it, that would create some kind of energetic ease.

So I send all of you a big Tonglen breath and wish for you some conscious ease, and of course, such immense love this holiday season.