So. Yeah. The tacit implication that when you’re running a business online, you’re supposed to put up a rosy-cheeked front?

I’m not great at that. (That’s okay with me.)

This video is the true story behind why I decided to take a monthlong digital sabbatical.

The truth that:

– some systems were breaking down in my life (and they needed to).
– I was giving the world something that I was increasingly failing to give myself.
– some “shame tapes” were playing.
– I don’t see anyone else talking about this (why is that?).
– my truths about running a business.

Ooops, I broke a “rule”
The rule I broke is that one about keeping videos to under four minutes.

Oops. This one is about 8 minutes long.

But I did break it up into parts–so a “Part Two” is on its way.