So Kate–what exactly did you, uh, do?

Truth? I did a whole lot of “nothing”–but I made it into “structured” nothing. The structure that I created took far less time than you would think. I’m sharing this video so that people who might be interested in doing their own sabbatical can piggyback on what I’ve learned and see what works for them.

Click and watch to get:

– what I did do during my 30 day break
– practices that I took on that helped me to get back to “me”
– the fear of confronting that which could be devastating and raw
– how sitting in stillness prompts more courage than “doing a lot of stuff”
– how much time this actually took
– one of the most beneficial things that I did at the beginning of my 30 days, that ended up being incredibly informative
– offering you your own 30 Days of Courage

I offer all of this in the interests of the kind of full transparency that you deserve. I’m a bit burned out my internet posturing. I’m guessing you are, too.

I ask a few questions at the end, and I’d love to hear your responses–feel free to email me (perhaps put “30 days” in the subject line?).