(This is a guest post from Amy Kessel).


In a recent post, Kate wrote these beautiful words:

Whatever we see in the world, that is us, too. Cultivate a willingness to compassionately drop down into the zero center of someone else’s imperfection, and you’ll see their pain, and a piece of your own. We are not so very different. We are far more alike than we often believe. With courageous hearts, we can change the world.

In my work and in my life I’m seeing the changes brought about by so many people doing their best to live courageously. Look around at our online tribe and you’ll agree that there’s a movement underway; I sense a rising tide of self-discovery impacting relationships at every level. We’re willing to be transparent with our processes, to ask for input, to show our scars. We crave real connection, not superficial relationships. We write about issues that might be hard to digest, and engage in conversation at a heart level rather than an “impress the others” sort of way. We’re nothing less than revolutionary.

Viva la revolution!

A revolution is made of individuals, of course, and each of us is as important as the next person. Individual acts ripple out and affect us all. This is what I mean by a rising tide – I am brought along by your willingness to share with me what you’re learning. I benefit from your insight, your challenges and your inspiration. Thank you for contributing in your own precious and unique way, especially if you squirm and sweat as you hit “publish”.

I often do.

The revolution has made my world much more fulfilling, and for that I’m so grateful. I get to interact with my peers in a heartful and authentic way. I’ve done posturing and prostrating, and it doesn’t serve me. Instead, my sometimes raw and messy truth is on offer for you to use as it serves you. And thank you thank you for doing the same.

My love letter to the world is a series of reflections on what’s been happening as I live my life, both online and in person, with aspirations of an open heart:

The more I love freely and without restriction, the more I truly receive.

We’re all connected, yes, but some of us come with barbs and sharp edges. Loving people through their obvious protective devices is a gift I’m working hard to be able to give. It means refusing to take things personally when they aren’t mine to take. Listening with love and compassion. And receiving the same as it comes back my way.

When I offer up my vulnerability, you respond in kind.

This is the field I long to meet you in, and this is what feeds me at a soul level. Without vulnerable heart to heart connection in my life, I’d eventually wither up and blow away. Vulnerability unlocks permission in me to swim in the emotional deep end. Is it scary? Yes. Potentially harmful? You bet. But just about as necessary as food and water.

When I’m acting within my integrity, you reward me by moving mountains.

This seems to happen most when my integrity requires me to step way outside my East Coast, perfectionist, people-pleasing comfort zone. The results floor me each and every time; integrity catalyzes resonant resolution. Sure, the way forward might include disagreements, opposing points of view and different agendas – but in the end I’m left with the satisfaction of speaking my truth and being heard.

As I learn to step more fully into my power, I’m given ample opportunity to widen my reach. What power means to me: Authenticity. Transparency. Imperfection. Intuition. These are qualities I seek in others, and others seek in me. The more I show up this way, the more I find myself doing my right work with my right people.

You send me lessons until I finally learn what I’m needing most to know. Apparently you have an endless supply of lessons. And patience. My lizard brain is persistent, isn’t it? I keep thinking I’ve got it, until we go head to head once again. Oy.

I also see that there are no mistakes. Each time I experience a “failure”, I get another valuable lesson. This makes failing a lot less crushing and much more interesting!

I think I’ve experienced the limits of love and then one of my children breaks open my heart in an entirely new way, and I see I’ve just touched the surface. I am totally in awe of my capacity to love. I wasn’t prepared for this. More than anything else in my life, experiencing deep love continues to heal, educate and inspire me.

There are some things that are unequivocally wrong, and you make that very very clear. Karma escapes no one. When we mistreat each other, we pay dearly. Indeed.

What I reap, I sow. Especially kindness. Generosity. Wisdom.

Collaboration is the new competition, especially in our online tribe. This means everyone wins. Thanks, world, for making this so!



Amy Kessel is a certified life coach who helps women unfurl into their authentic selves. Her style of coaching is a blend of intuition and gently fierce reflection, flavored by insatiable curiosity. Amy’s clients explore their unfurling via one-on-one and group coaching, as well as in residential retreats.

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