When’s the last time you had a truly courageous conversation? One that wasn’t about…trying to get somewhere? Trying to appear a certain way? Trying to “work on” something?

I noticed myself feeling this craving to connect with more people, one-on-one, and to have those connections being less about a task at hand, and more about…just talking. I want to talk beyond social media, beyond Skype, and beyond the necessity of setting up a retreat space to make a conversation happen.

Can it just be as simple as…let’s have dinner?


Courageous Conversations: The Dinner Series

Kansas City, Missouri, Thursday June 20th, 7:30pm.

This is going to be a conversation–not a sales pitch.

This is not an evening where you need to “work on yourself,” nor will it be an evening of internet marketing hype.

This is an evening about friendship, community, and pure pleasure.

Let’s make this simple: a dinner. Up to 10 women who want to have a courageous conversation, the kind where the good food and good wine flow, where simply sharing our stories and connecting are at the heart of our evening.

I’ve had a craving for meeting people–people like you–in person and without needing to set up a course, a retreat, a workshop, a teleseminar, etc., etc., etc., in order to do it.

I’ve had a craving for the simplicity of connection, without the production. That’s why I’m traveling to a few select cities in 2013.

Our dinner will be held in the downtown Kansas City area (the specific location will be given to participants privately).

Cost: $45, not to pay me for anything, but simply to streamline the payment process when the bill arrives that evening and tip our waiter or waitress handsomely. To join us, click the button below.

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