What courage really looks like

I was having a conversation with Andrea Owen about courage when I said, “I don’t think that I’m courageous because I do these big, grandiose things with my life. On paper, my life is pretty ordinary–husband, house, kid, career, and always plenty of laundry to do.” Yet a lot of people end up here, at […]

how to be happy

When you ask people to get right down to it, they want to be…happy. Consider anything that you do, even those things that are difficult: get up early in the morning for a run; work on your marriage; start a meditation practice. Why are you doing it? Because you want to be happy. But then […]

the task or the moment?

In the Courageous Living Program, I talk about orienting your life to prioritize what matters, most. When you get clear on your vision for your life and start to prioritize that, the ruminating and second-guessing and all of the “trying to figure it out” stuff of life starts to fall away. Here is priority #1 […]