commit to yourself

It’s time to commit to yourself. You might have tried to commit to yourself, before, and found that you started and then stopped–so watch this video to learn why that happens and how to really commit to yourself and the things that are important to you, for good. 1. Let go of projects that no […]

what I learned this year: 2015

When I reflect back on 2015, by far the fastest year of my life, gone in a flash, what I’ve learned wasn’t so much a series of life lessons–which is usually what I talk about in these annual posts–as it is a great question. The great question was this: How do you want to spend […]

what we are seeking is devotion

We think that we are seeking a plan, a lifestyle. Become this, or become that, or adopt this or that lifestyle, and you have a plan for your life embedded in that choice. Become Paleo, and you eat this way and exercise this way and get a whole crop of Paleo friends to bond with […]