Love Letter to the World: Amy Kessel

(This is a guest post from Amy Kessel).   In a recent post, Kate wrote these beautiful words: Whatever we see in the world, that is us, too. Cultivate a willingness to compassionately drop down into the zero center of someone else’s imperfection, and you’ll see their pain, and a piece of your own. We […]

Love letter to the world: Marianne Elliott

(This is a guest post from Marianne Elliott). Dear World, I’ve seen you on your worst days, and I have to admit, it took the wind out of me a bit. But you have a way of bringing me back around: with your sunrises and saltwater, with your drumbeats and dancing, with your tea and […]

Love Letter to the World: Laura Simms

(This is a guest post from Laura Simms) wild love When is my heart the most full? This question has a simple and obvious answer. Obvious to me and anyone who knows me well. Or has happened to walk past a PetSmart with me. Animals crack my heart open. They make it wide, expanding what […]