The radically alive holiday: “on your own terms” edition

“What are you doing for the holidays?” people ask. “Mmmm,” I respond with a smile, “Absolutely nothing. Chilling out at home. It’s a very relaxed holiday.” The common response: “Oh, god–I wish I could do that!” Then they share the hectic weeks ahead of them, of catching planes or people flying in from out of […]

If Jealousy Could Talk

Jealousy is often regarded as a petty emotion, the sort of thing that only less-evolved types feel, or perhaps as the domain of losers who like to complain more than they like to take action. Sure, we all know those people. We’ve all been those people, at some point or another. But jealousy, pissed off […]

Love Letter to the World: Rachel W. Cole

(This is a guest post from Rachel W. Cole)   May we orient ourselves from a place of being and allowing instead of doing and striving. May we aim to be of service, to experience the full sensuality of life, and drench each day with intimate joy instead of aiming to be safe, comfortable, and […]