how to be happy

When you ask people to get right down to it, they want to be…happy. Consider anything that you do, even those things that are difficult: get up early in the morning for a run; work on your marriage; start a meditation practice. Why are you doing it? Because you want to be happy. But then […]

the task or the moment?

In the Courageous Living Program, I talk about orienting your life to prioritize what matters, most. When you get clear on your vision for your life and start to prioritize that, the ruminating and second-guessing and all of the “trying to figure it out” stuff of life starts to fall away. Here is priority #1 […]

the courage to be sacredly unapologetic

Like peeling layers to get closer to the core, every successful person has to learn the art of becoming more and more sacredly unapologetic. The courage to be sacredly unapologetic is in knowing that even when people, perhaps even people you love, feel blecch about your choices, you’re still going to choose to be grounded […]