The Law of Proportion

Striving for balance often equals striving for perfectionism. Whether we’re talking neatly pressed suits and manicures, or boho perfectionism, it’s all the same: a dynamic of assessing one’s life, seeing that there’s not enough of this and too much of that, and assuming that if things were evened out, it would all feel better. Truth […]

re-claiming “authenticity”

So in case you didn’t get the memo–it’s no longer cool to use phrases such as “being your authentic self” or “living an authentic life” on the internet. And…you can probably already tell that in this piece, I’m about to disregard the memo. A few years ago? It was totally fine to talk about “living […]

Think your life needs a complete overhaul? Think again.

You’ve figured out what would fix everything– getting out of your marriage; leaving a soul-sucking job; firing that “energy vampire” of a friend; getting the success you’ve always wanted; finally losing the weight.   I vote no. I vote that life is more nuanced than that. Yes, there are those cases where one’s life needs […]