Think your life needs a complete overhaul? Think again.

You’ve figured out what would fix everything– getting out of your marriage; leaving a soul-sucking job; firing that “energy vampire” of a friend; getting the success you’ve always wanted; finally losing the weight.   I vote no. I vote that life is more nuanced than that. Yes, there are those cases where one’s life needs […]

cutting to the core

Pretty much for the most part almost everyone is doing it. What’s “it”? Hiding out from core issues. It’s easy to do; once you’ve started to get into a bit of self-help, you make a few changes in your life and those changes feel good. “Great!” you think. “Life feels better.” If you haven’t dealt […]

The 2012 Recap

2012 brought with it a number of revelations and revolutions, moments of WTF?!? and moments of fully-owned joy. In summation (and nothing close to the actual order of events) this year… First, the biggies: I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, had my first launch that wasn’t just awesome, but mind-blowingly awesome, and rounded out […]