Not getting what you want? Good!

“The people who really care about you will go the extra mile for you.” This is popular self-help dogma. And, it’s not true. In my twenties, I ruined at least three friendships because I believed that someone who cared about me should show up for me in a very exacting, certain way. They would essentially […]

how to stand up for yourself

I used to think that to “stand up for myself,” I had to do something. Say something. Make a declaration. But here’s the thing–my fierce factor is lightning fast. I grew up in an environment where it was imperative to stand up to a bully immediately, showing them you weren’t taking any shit, so that […]

fear that it’s all been done, before

Well, first let’s just get something out of the way: It hasn’t all been done, before, because it hasn’t all been done by you. The fear that it’s all been done before is really just a fear that when you do your unique twist on it, people won’t like it. In other words, it’s a […]