how to choose joy

We often wonder how to choose joy, especially when we’re going through difficult times. When I’m having a tough time, choosing joy is hard for me, too–by no means am I suggesting that this is simple or easy to do. I’m just saying…it’s what you’ve got to do. This video is short and sweet, and […]

how to forgive

Learning how to forgive is tough–but important–work to do. We need to learn how to forgive because holding resentment creates tension and stress for us, not to mention less joy. Watch this video to start the path towards learning how to forgive: 1. Learn how to get deeper into what it means to forgive. 2. […]

attachment to outcome

Sometimes, we all get stuck in attachment to outcome. This video offers help for noticing when you have attachment to outcome and how to clarify where you truly have control. 1. Learn the one question you need to ask when setting a goal or intended outcome (asking how does this serve you) 2. Know the […]