the hardest grief you ever walk

The hardest grieving I ever did was the year I was diagnosed with infertility. Even now, having lived it, it seems strange to me to have grieved something that at the time, I had yet to ever taste. If I spend time thinking about that grief, I can feel how the sadness of it weighed […]

show them your cracks

“There is a crack, a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in.” –Leonard Cohen I routinely show people my cracks. This is courage, in action, especially because it is frequently my experience that others receive these cracks as unnerving. Sometimes the response is advice-giving (“She’s got a crack! Let’s fix it!”). Sometimes […]

Want peace? Take radical responsibility.

I did business with someone to the tune of many, many thousands of dollars. Long story short? They didn’t deliver on what they sold me on, and after I spoke up about that, they took to social media to be passive-aggressive about it. I was hurt. I was pissed. Months later, I noticed that whenever […]