courage is for everyone

“Everyone is talking about courage, these days,” a friend said to me. “Do you ever feel weird about that? Like you’ve been talking about it, all these years, and suddenly other people are co-opting it?” I’ve been doing the self-help thing since I was a teenager, in some form or another. A couple decades of […]

finding courage

Dear You, People talk about finding courage. But really, you’re not “finding courage.” You’re practicing courage, creating it as a daily and consistent practice of walking into the fire of your fear and emerging as a braver, even more courageous self. Important: this is not just semantics! When you walk with the mindset that you’re […]

Courage to change your life

Dear you, I know what it feels like, to stand at the precipice of Big Life Change. I’ve been there, before. Many times. The courage to change your life is not for the faint of heart. I understand the swirling confusion about what to do next, the wondering if it’ll be worth the effort, the […]