Talking Courage with Andrea Scher of Superhero Life

For the past several months, I’ve been at work on making updates to the Courageous Living Program, reformulating the content, updating the content, and adding more interviews–not to mention making the back-end user experience more streamlined and a whole lot more sassy looking. One of the people I was keen to interview was Andrea Scher […]

How to use fear (so that it stops using you)

Talk to anyone long enough about fear, and you’ll find that fear is surprisingly…predictable. It shows up in the same 3-5 ways, depending on the context, circumstances, or person you’re interacting with and the internal narratives you carry about what those things mean for you and your life. This is the good news. The more […]

Kickin’ Ass, BS-Free Wisdom, and Living the Life You Deserve

  Andrea Owen and I hit it off earlier in 2013, sometime after we’d talked about her interviewing me for her popular Your Kick-Ass Life podcast, and after I’d suggested an interview for The Coaching Blueprint. Here’s what I know about Andrea: First, she’s not pontificating life lessons from the perspective of someone who has […]