Personal Responsibility : “This isn’t mine.”

Want the audio of this? Listen or download, below. Awhile ago, I was seeing some craziness unfold, in real-time. Someone had sent me what is, officially, the Nastiest Email I’ve Ever Been Sent. It was an email loaded with the clear intention of cruelty and unkindness, so much so that within only a paragraph, I […]

the betrayal of the light

I kept hearing them: stories of betrayal. Sometimes, it was something a friend of mine was going through, and other times it was hearing what happened to so-and-so’s friend, so-and-so. But every time, it was the same thing: As someone started to step into more personal power, more success, more light, a close friend–the person […]

courage in a world that has seemingly gone mad

I was thinking about what to write about courage and fear in the wake of terrible tragedies–mass shootings, terrorist attacks, the collective wound of institutionalized racism breaking open. I was thinking about courage in a world that has seemingly gone mad. How do we practice that? And then, as I was still collecting my thoughts, […]