how to forgive


Learning how to forgive is tough–but important–work to do. We need to learn how to forgive because holding resentment creates tension and stress for us, not to mention less joy. Watch this video to start the path towards learning how to forgive:

1. Learn how to get deeper into what it means to forgive.
2. Understand why forgiveness is not about letting someone “get away” with something. It’s about freeing yourself from the resentment that you carry around when you refuse to forgive.
3. How to settle into forgiveness as more of a spiritual practice or process than destination to arrive at.

commit to yourself


It’s time to commit to yourself. You might have tried to commit to yourself, before, and found that you started and then stopped–so watch this video to learn why that happens and how to really commit to yourself and the things that are important to you, for good.

1. Let go of projects that no longer serve you with integrity
2. Clarify what you really want to commit to
3. Understand how integrity and your commitments play important roles with each other.

fear of change


When we have fear of change, we start to break commitments. Watch this video to learn how fear of change might be keeping you stuck and making finishing what you start, more difficult.

1. Understand how to handle the fear of change
2. Learn about the part of you that is struggling to create safety and protection.
3. Clarify why you’ve broken past commitments, so that you can understand how to keep new commitments.
4. How to use the tool of staying present when you want to break a commitment.