choosing not to fly solo

“The adventure you’re ready for is the one you get.” –Joseph Campbell Too many of us are “flying solo” in our lives. We shy away from collaboration and the vulnerability inherent in that, because it’s scary to act otherwise. Collaboration can be disappointing. Collaboration can be frustrating. Collaboration has resulted in people criticizing my ideas. […]

life is my biggest teacher

I looked around and had this moment where I got that Life was my biggest teacher, that every single experience of my day was there, waiting to see when I am going to wake up and see it fully, turn it over, get the lesson. Beautiful.

flooded with gratitude

This post was written in September 2009, and documents my transition from part-time to full-time coaching. Last night, I was giving my students some last-minute study time before their first test of the semester. I had a nagging feeling that the stack of tests in front of me seemed a little too slim for the […]