the power of creating consistent habits

One of the hallmarks of the inner critic is “all or nothing” thinking: If it’s not all happening right now, it’s not working. If you change an old habit three times and then “mess it up” the fourth, it’s not working. If a bad habit didn’t stop the first time you tried, it’s not working. […]

being seen

This post was written during early 2010, when I had just made the transition from being a part-time to a full-time coach. I have a Marketing Guru. We met by happenstance in the midst of an e-course. We decided to trade coaching for marketing help. And right away, one thing became very clear: I was […]

what’s your kryptonite?

“What people think” can be my kryptonite. When I’m working my tools, I am in the flow of my life, barring the usual life challenges that arise from time to time. And, like most people–things happen that throw me off game. Perhaps it’s because I’m not taking the necessary time for self-care. Perhaps it’s because […]