even breathing feels alright

You know that feeling you get, right after a really long, hard, cry–suddenly something in your body unlocks (for me it’s across my chest, my heart) and then shoulders drop and everything feels incredibly calm and clear? It’s possible to sit with sadness, and let it bring you to that place. Not busying with stuff, […]

on manifesting a man, money, and anything else

“Manifesting” has become one of those terms that I almost dislike–it’s just so over-used, so patently misunderstood. It’s been capitalized upon, used to screw people out of money, and occasionally I’ve seen it used to shame people for having doubts, fears, or insecurities (and you already know that I’m neither down for shame nor for […]

i know :: one thing :: that I love you

  Aside from all of the usual loveliness that people comment upon with their partners–kind, generous, a good listener, etc.,–my man is Italian. Truly, my life is blessed, yes? He’s also one hell of a graphic designer. He don’t come cheap, but remember–the best never do. The video above was made in 2006. It was […]