what else is there?

Rich & Yvonne Dutra-St.John of Challenge Day I had the honor and privilege of interviewing these two wonderful souls for The Courageous Living Program, Rich & Yvonne of Challenge Day. The Challenge Day organization primarily works with youth in schools–and their work, which I’ve witnessed live with young people–is just so fantastically amazing–but the primary […]

commitment & accountability

So you want to know: How can I do something, say I’m going to do it, and then see it through? How can I practice true commitment and accountability ? Well, for one thing, it can be good to know whether or not to say something. When something is fertile and just being birthed, sometimes […]

don’t dull your flame

Here’s the thing: don’t dull your flame. I would love to tell you that if you just “be yourself,” others will come around. I would love to tell you that the choices will always be easy. They’re not, and that’s okay. Easy is often less interesting. But along the way, I encourage you not to […]