passion and play

Painting in my office. This weekend, Andy and I went by the DeYoung Museum’s new exhibit of Impressionist paintings that are from one of my favorite museums in the world, the Musee D’Orsay, in Paris. Ohmigosh. So, so, so very beautiful. I left the museum that afternoon feeling something that I feel every time I […]

the sad place

New Tattoo #2. I used to have clinical depression. I was not “having a case of the Mondays” or “feeling down.” I was depressed. A lot of this was in high school, a naturally depressing time, and it infiltrated itself into my college experience, which felt sort of like a continuation of high school. This […]

just be yourself

Just being yourself is a precious thing. And in case you didn’t know? Stripy socks are good luck. You matter. You are courageous, even when you don’t know it. All of your mixed-up parts, the parts that are seemingly contradictory, come together to form something beautiful (even when you aren’t aware that that is what […]