Slow. Down. The simple approach to courageous self-care.

(Excerpted from The Courageous Living Program): Like, every life coach on the planet has written the “self-care is important” post. I know. But if we aren’t involved in a practice that involves Self-Care, it’s pretty difficult to make larger goals happen. Not caring for the self is a form of not being present, and change […]

love letter to the world

After having a really loved-filled weekend , here are some thoughts I wrote down in my Moleskine on Courageous Living. The trickiest places, I think, are in those tangled and triggered human relationships. In every moment, we have this opportunity when we interact with other people sharing this world with us to act with integrity, […]

with gentleness along the way

I encourage gentleness. Gentleness is your birthright. When you are watering your plant, nourishing your vision, gentleness needs to come along for the ride. Sometimes when I encourage gentleness, I suspect that the person I’m speaking with thinks that I’m just “trying to be nice.” Like maybe the gentleness isn’t really what they need, but […]