conoscere bene : to know well

Conoscere bene : To know well. This is the literal translation; it is entirely possible that with my somewhat limited grasp of Italian, this phrase is used idiomatically and has an entirely deeper meaning. But there I am (or, at least, there are my feet), standing above these words in my purple Birkenstocks (purchased last […]

An Interview With Cheri Huber

  I first became a Cheri Huber devotee when I learned about the book There is Nothing Wrong With You. While I get that the title might initially strike some as a Stuart Smalley skit, this book is no joke. You want to know why those inner critic voices pop up? This is the book […]

An Interview With Brenè Brown

(Want the full interview, plus interviews with ten other experts on courage? Check out The Courageous Living program).   Dr. Brene Brown is a noted expert on shame, love, and vulnerability. A graduate school professor, a best-selling author, a speaker, a TED-talk phenomenon, and a collaborator with none other than Oprah Winfrey, I was beyond […]