“Energy vampires” are bullshit

People talk about so-called “energy vampires,” those people or situations or things that seemingly drain off our energy. You hang around them and you leave feeling tired–so they must have “sucked” the energy from you, right? Nope. They don’t exist. That’s just a way to put blame on something external–that thing, out there, over there…that’s […]

Compassion is In Order

I’m asking that you just stop. Let’s all stop. Let’s completely and totally stop, and just flip the script a bit. Pretend the following words are written by you, to you: Dear friend, I just want you to know that I’m really aware of all the places where I fail or screw things up, even […]

suffering is optional

Suffering is optional: For most people, this is a radical statement. “Whaddya MEAN, suffering is optional? Doesn’t feel optional to me.” We choose whether or not we suffer over the voices of our inner critic, what others think of us, the jobs we go to. Some people don”t have that choice. Inevitably when someone starts doing work on […]