how to create an e-course (or e-program, workshop, retreat…)

  (Video sneak-peek from Courageous Living Program) Working on the Courageous Living Program has been nothing short of epic. So, in case you’re curious–many of you email me sharing about your desires to write e-books, create an e-program , launch retreats, and run e-courses–I’ll share with you what the process has been like of creating […]


Taking responsibility for other people’s experiences? Exhausting. Absolutely, positively, exhausting. Also? It doesn’t work. It looks like this: people tell you that you are “too much” of something, so you tone it down. That’s taking responsibility for their experience. It looks like this: people tell you that you are “not enough” of something, so you […]

on making a living doing what you love

  There’s a guilty drama at work, a sort of dark underbelly, that I see happening with anyone in the helping professions who serves the middle or upper classes. The equation works like this: If you do healing work + the people who can primarily afford it are in the upper or middle classes = […]