courageous stillness

Stillness (n.) 1.) silence; quiet; hush, 2.) the absence of motion. Courageous stillness ? That’s the courage it requires to get…into the silence, the quiet, the hush amid our busy-busy-go-go world. Most of us have had enough of the exhortations for me to “be remarkable” or “connect” or “test my limits” or “expand.” I used […]

you are your own best bet

I could not have learned what I needed to learn without the learning part. Huh? I could not have learned what I needed to learn–without going through the stages of actually learning. No one can. Everywhere in my life, I have needed to dive in, to go, to see, to try, to do, in order […]

how change happens

This is how change happens : I still remember the first time that I consciously chose to shift a pattern. The pattern that (badly) needed shifting was to be controlling, reactionary, judgmental, blaming. The challenge: sometimes, knowing that we want to shift something isn’t enough to actually get it to shift. I was angry with […]