overcoming fear by BEing with the fear

In this line of work, people talk a lot about overcoming fear in order to be courageous. I’m a bit different. I often refer to my philosophy on working with fear as “practicing courage.” Courage is feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming. The practice is in being willing to feel the fear (rather than […]

the fear of leaving a relationship

I am not usually an advocate of leaving. As a general rule, people bail on things–relationships, jobs, new habits–far too easily. When they aren’t out and out bailing on them, they’re usually bailing energetically, which is really just the same thing (examples include: staying in a relationship but disconnecting, or telling a friend that you’ll […]

An Interview with Jamie Ridler

  Jamie Ridler. Oh, but you are a woman of substance and wisdom and every freaking time we talk, the enthusiasm for what we do and how we get to play the game of life and showing up in the world is just bursting across the Skype lines! I like to think that we infuse […]