All you really need to do is breathe

(Photo by In Her Image) I don’t usually refer to myself as a Zen Buddhist. Actually, I almost never say it. This is despite the fact that a.) I regularly read books on Buddhism/study its concepts, and b.) I resonate deeply with the teachings, and c.) I sit zazen (Zen Buddhist sitting meditation), and d.) […]

choose your masters wisely

Let’s say that you are someone with a dream of working for yourself. Having this dream, you feel…excited, thrilled with what’s possible, inspired to get going. Also? Very vulnerable and afraid. You know that you need help. You know that marketing might not be “your thing.” You might feel inadequate when it comes to the […]

working for yourself (and how there’s no shame in having health insurance)

Working for yourself isn’t easy. So what’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me as an entrepreneur? Some will say it’s a random act, but I call it divine intervention. Here’s the story: I was working 60 hour weeks, trying so very hard to get my business off the ground. I […]