carl rogers on relationship

I just had to share this quote from my homeboy, Carl Rogers (I’ve previously written about him, and how the most courageous choice we will make is to decide to trust and love and accept ourselves). “Perhaps I can discover and come closer to more of what I really am deep inside–feeling sometimes angry or […]

inherent goodness and the playground of acceptance

I wrote about how the most courageous choice you can make is to trust in your own basic goodness. So how do we do that–trust in our own basic goodness? We work on this by un-peeling into deeper and deeper layers of acceptance of ourselves. Acceptance? That again? Yeah. –Dropping the shame stories and embracing […]

the most courageous choice you’ll ever make

Oh Carl Rogers–what a sexy beast! Rogers was one of the founders of humanistic psychology, the branch of psychology that posits that humans are inherently good at their core (the ideal self), and that while they may find themselves thwarted along the way (incongruence with the ideal self), it is the desire of any organism […]