wiggling out

Sometimes, I want to “wiggle out.” I want to pretend like my aggression isn’t as bad as so-and-so’s aggression. I have caught myself having the thought before, “Well, that might have been the wrong thing to say, but at least I work on myself.” –as if that’s what this journey is all about…being able to […]

How to become more independent

I used to be an English professor. Every semester, I’d a lesson on thesis statements–what they are, what they must contain, and approaches to writing them. At the beginning of the semester, students asked me if their thesis statements “looked okay.” I would give them feedback, offering suggestions. However–as the semester went on, at a […]

Fear routines (and how to stop denying them)

Yes, I avow that I have done all of this in pursuit of trying to relieve pain and find my J.O.Y. joy: I have been in and out of therapist’s offices; perused the self-help aisles and read the self-help books. In my twenties I was on at least ten different anti-depressants and not a single […]