you can’t force the release

“When you have done all that you can do, give it up to the part of yourself that is divine.” –Oprah Winfrey You want something to happen. You really, really, really want it. You want it more than you’ve ever wanted anything, before. Perhaps you’ve worked harder than anyone else you know, or perhaps you […]

got expectations?

Expectations. Should should should–it should have happened. Why didn’t it? If only ______ had happened, it would have worked out… The first time someone told me that it wasn’t helpful to have expectations, I missed the point completely. Someone hadn’t done something they had said they would do, and it had happened a few times, […]

how we are alone

I remind myself of this, a lot. When I’m triggered, I go to a place of scarcity. The real difference between now and before I started this work, is this: I’m more conscious and present about my patterns (and that is everything); I’m gentler when they rise up (and that is everything); I work with […]