what are you denying?

Here’s what I missed out on when I spent all those years choosing not to forgive and let go, choosing to hold on to resentment. I missed how funny my mother is–hilarious, really. How she can come up with a perfectly timed comment that, reflected on years later, can still make me laugh. By focusing […]

you’re nobody’s victim

“Don’t be a victim.” You’ve probably heard this, before. Victim stuff–yes, with a capital “V”–is very tricky. It’s tricky because it’s hard to acknowledge. No one wants to admit it when they’re acting like a Victim, the agent of their own suffering. And then…enter reality. Everyone, at some point, acts like a Victim. We feel […]

be an adult

I’ve spoken about the importance of checking out Stories–and then letting them go. I’ve discussed the worst-case scenarios of someone responding to your check-in with harsh criticism and anger, and how aligning with the choice to have a respectful dialogue can move mountains. “But wait,” you might be thinking, “I’ve done this before–asked someone if […]