evolution into darkness, revolution into light

“Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others.” –Pema Chodron, The Places That Scare You Something that had always bothered me about the coaching industry? The over-emphasis, the downright preoccupation that can happen, with skewing Coaching as the “happy-happy-goals!-joy-joy-affirmations!” work that you turn to when you’re […]

1,443 Words on Money That Could Change Your Life

Oh, for crying out loud, I’ll just say it, first: I want money. I like money. I like having more money than less money and I like buying “stuff” with that money and still having more money left over. I cannot be alone in noticing that there are those who freely admit to liking their […]

-thank you -thank you -thank you

I was in the midst of a painful conversation, the kind that triggers alllll of your shit–the deep down stuff, the worthiness stuff, the stuff that most people want to pretend isn’t there at all. I was crying the kind of big, deep down tears that shake your gut. My mind was scanning, trying to […]