are you a good client?

I said in this post that a good coach, counselor, or therapist will piss you off a bit. Now I want to say this: the most transformative coaching, counseling, or therapy sessions are those that are co-created, with both parties taking responsibility for the experience and bringing something to the table. No more therapist/counselor as […]

Well, then–if you say so.

I was leaving a meeting consisting of narrative therapists and those interested in that approach when a woman who had been in the meeting stopped me. “It must have felt terrible to have had that counselor being so unsupportive,” she said, her face pulled into a sympathetic smile. She was referring to what I’d shared […]

blowing our cover

I have this fantasy where Pema Chodron and I go hangout for an afternoon at Peet’s. She is wearing her brown and gold and saffron Tibetan Buddhist robes, and perhaps she’s having jasmine tea while I’m sipping my small single-shot soy latte with no foam, and we’re just chatting about life. Then she says something […]