losing it

I know a German man who grew up in Germany and lived there until he was eighteen. From the age of eighteen to the present day, in his thirties, he’s lived outside of Germany. You know what he told me, once? That he’s forgotten a decent chunk of spoken German. He never thinks in it […]

the war within

If there is war within ourselves, there will be war outside ourselves. I don’t necessarily mean literal war, though on an energetic level that is true enough that as a collective whole, war within many will translate to war among many. Moreso, I’m talking about the hell that is war within ourselves, being engaged in […]

birthing yourself

“We are doing to ourselves within, what we hold people and adults responsible for having done to us.” –Iyanla VanZant Haven’t forgiven your parents, yet? Or an ex-husband? A family member? A former best friend? Then this is probably where you’re at: doing to yourself within, the very thing you accuse someone else of having […]