To rise. To survive. To thrive.

I had never seen a gun up close until I met M–. He was several years older, and said that he was returning to school after doing a tour for the marine corps. He liked to go to the target range, he said. He drove a new Mustang convertible, and was taking a few courses […]

Don’t argue for your limitations

It’s insanity when people argue for, on behalf of, in defense of–their limitations. It’s just insanity. Craziness. It makes no real sense to do it. But at some point, we all do it. We insist to someone that we can’t do something. We lay out an elaborate defense of having no time, no money, no […]

Do you have personal growth fatigue ?

At first, discovering this world of “personal growth”–of books, workshops, and like-minded individuals who are interested in evolving who they are is a fascinating world, one full of people brave enough to wave the flag of “I was wronged and I will not just go shut up about it.” It feels powerful, heady–like finally bursting […]