how I write

Sometimes I’m asked how I write–especially how I can generate so much content. I don’t know that I have a cohesive, simple answer to that question, but last week I was inspired by reading an interview between Susannah Conway and Danielle LaPorte–like Susannah, I have a curious fascination with the processes of other writers. Here […]

Filling the Bottomless Hole: When to say yes, when to say no

Integrity is: when your words and actions match, and they are in alignment with your values, beliefs, commitments and life vision. –Matthew Marzel  It happens quickly, like this–one moment, you’re on top of things and the workflow systems that you’ve designed meet the needs of what is being asked. You’re good with batching tasks; you […]

barreling towards a day of reckoning

Of course–it takes courage to do anything worth doing in life. There’s feeling the fear, diving in anyway, and transforming. People call upon courage when they start new jobs or decide to work for themselves, when they decide to write a book, when they enter a marathon, when they stop drinking, when they release old […]