Declaring sovereignty : obligations

Doing things for someone else so that they’ll be obligated to do something for you on the return trip is a dangerous trap. Worse, people don’t think they’re hanging out in that space, when they are. When the trap of obligation is exposed, it sucks for everyone. “I loved you all these years–and now you […]

declaring sovereignty

Digital sabbaticals do not come with automatic, built-in “A-ha!” moments. I’ll confess that I wanted the “A-ha!” about managing workloads–some kind of blinding insight on how to do things differently that would mean I could juggle everything on my plate, without disappointing anyone (including myself). I spent the first two weeks of my digital break […]

this is fully alive

This is fully alive: the New York Times project called “The Lives They Loved,” a collection of photographs of people who had died in 2011. Readers submitted a photo of the person and a few lines about who they were. Here are the sorts of things that they wrote: “He left a legacy larger than […]