how to release yourself from the tyranny of routine

Before you got anywhere near your computer this morning, you probably executed a series of routines that you use every single morning as you’re going through the process of waking up. Everything from how you turn off your alarm clock and how much time you give yourself to wake up before moving out of bed […]

when “trusting the process” isn’t working

“I’m just trusting the process,” someone says–and maybe “someone” was you, recently. So how do we know when that’s true–when you’re trusting the process, and you’re grounded in that, versus when you’re toting the line, but it’s really a cop-out, an excuse to not move until you feel no fear (a futile exercise)?   Waiting […]

don’t settle for the booby prize

I know how the story goes. I’ve lived it. When I finally have more clients, I’ll stop feeling so insecure about my business. If this launch goes well, I’ll know that it means I should keep doing this work–it’ll be a sign from the Universe. Once I have more social media followers, it won’t be […]