“I’ll have what she’s having”

“I’m just trying to help, because I just want what’s best for her/him.” Hit the pause button on that one. Take time to ask yourself: Do I really want what’s best for her/him? Or do I want what’s best for me? “Billy Bob shouldn’t quit his job to start his own business–the economy is in […]

What happens when an INFP HSP attends WDS (with a stress fracture) + leads a breakout session + gets 100 smackers

(Valerie Tookes, Margo Brockman, Ash Craig, Kate Swoboda) So–how exactly did the World Domination Summit go? I know. I’m like, a million years late on all of this. My story is the story of what happens when an INFP HSP attends WDS with a stress fracture. Huh? I’ll translate: My story is the story of […]

how to take a digital sabbatical

I know, I know–digital sabbaticals have that whole ring of the “internet hipster scene” about them, sort of like minimalism did back in 2010. Nonetheless, when I took a 30-day digital sabbatical earlier this year, it was exactly what I (and my business) needed. I needed the time and space to breathe, to get a […]