true love, true courage

A dear friend gave me the following poem, framed, as a wedding gift. And–today’s the day I’m getting married to my one and only lovey-love. (I’m pre-scheduling this blog post, of course. I’m not so internet geeky that I would be blogging on my wedding day. I might be posting pictures to social media, though. […]

how to make new habits stick

As I’m geeking out on habit-formation, I’m seeing how one of the hardest parts of making a new habit become part of your life, is this: how to make new habits stick . You decide that you’re going to start doing something differently—maybe you’ll start getting up earlier, exercising more often, no more biting your […]

I’ll tell you why you’re discontented

Allow me, will you? First, you’re not discontented and unhappy because of life circumstances, because of how your parents raised you, because of how much money you have, or (solely) because of your biochemistry. Those are factors, and nothing more. Here’s my theory, in all its frank glory: You’re discontented because you’re actually really fucking […]