The truth about telling the truth

I was talking to my friend Margo about a chronic issue that spanned more than a few of my life categories. She said to me–simply, plainly, without judgment– “You always complain about this.” Holy WHOA. The shock of her words was somatic. I experienced them in every cell of my being. My default response to […]

the radical concept of ease: breathe in, breathe out

(Photo credit: In Her Image)   You’re probably like I was: you’ve already heard about all the amazing benefits that a regular meditation practice can bring into your life. This isn’t just New Age woo (and hey, I’m a fan of the woo)–there are actual, clinical, documented benefits to regular meditation. So why don’t you […]

living in the world of sensuous delight

My new phrase: sensuous delight   sen·su·ous. adjective. 1. perceived by or affecting the senses 2. readily affected through the senses 3. of or pertaining to sensible objects or to the senses   de·light. noun. 1. a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture. 2. something that gives great pleasure.   verb (used with […]