maybe it’s just…biochemical

When you get into self-help, you can spend a lot of time (and money) sorting through your “issues.” This is a worthy endeavor. It’s a gratifying part of this human experience to understand and accept the conditioning that was passed down to you, and to have a framework for understanding how, where, and why you […]

on making friends with yourself, and coming back to center

One of the things I do when I start every single life coaching session is a simple one: We take a moment, just to breathe. “Try to take the kind of inhale where your shoulders go up a bit, and then when you exhale, make a bit of a noise as you release the air,” […]

the benefits of a meditation practice

If you are a truth-seeker, a freedom-seeker, meditation is the most powerful practice you could engage with. And–it is definitely a practice. It’s something that evolves and grows as you change and shift. It goes as deep as you’re willing to go. It gives back benefits equal to what you’re willing to invest. I was […]