ending the war: stop hating yourself

Sometimes I want to beg people, plead with them to stop. To stop hating themselves by beating up on themselves. To stop hating a part of who they are. To stop limiting their capacity for growth. In essence, I want to plead with people to do something revolutionary–to stop hating their inner critic.   Calling […]

the manipulation of the work

“Ease is the sign that it’s the right path.” “I just need to speak my truth.” “It must be meant to be.” “I needed to practice self-care.” It’s critically important that as you begin to do personal work, you notice when you might (unintentionally) start to manipulate the work. For hustlers, to hear that “Ease […]

re-claiming “authenticity”

Right around the time everyone started to use the word “authenticity” and “becoming your authentic self” on the internet, the backlash began–people were sick of the word because everyone was using it (understandable) and at least half of the people using it were using it…inauthentically (which is to say, they were using it as a […]