joyful choices and awakened doing

“We are joy. There’s nothing you need to do, to be joyful. Just allow it and be.” I see these sorts of statements made in psuedo-spiritual self-help circles, and I think: Well, yes, sort of. Except–some people actually need to “do” something in order to get themselves out of their suffering, and in touch with […]

boho perfectionism

So, then. Here’s what you want: Some kind of entrepreneurial business that’s thriving, running the gamut from Etsy shops to becoming a life coach–the type of thing you can run part-time, while making six figures, and still be home with the kids. “Eating well,” which really means a “clean” diet, which probably means going vegan […]

vulnerability armor

“The participants who struggled the most with numbing…explained that reducing anxiety meant finding ways to numb it, not changing the thinking, behaviors, or emotions that created anxiety. I hated every minute of this part of the research. I’ve always looked for better ways to manage my exhaustion and anxiety. I wanted help ‘living like this,’ […]