the joygasm

So this word came to me the other day: joygasm. I immediately knew that it wasn’t mine, that I must have heard it somewhere, before, and surely enough–Urban Dictionary did not disappoint. Here’s my definition of a joygasm, and it’s pretty simple: unrestrained, surrendered, ecstatic joy. This is…the kind of joy that doesn’t try to […]

follow up to the courage of conviction

After my last post about the courage of conviction, many people shared with me that reading it, they had a deeper sense that they were on the right track. Knowing that they were afraid and that the road was hard, they were still pulled by their conviction to keep on, keeping-on. “Everything you wrote, told […]

The courage of conviction, and some love for the wing-women

“So what do you want to revolutionize, in the world?” I’ve asked this question in one-on-one strategy sessions, in marketing seminars, in small groups. Sometimes I vary the flavor: “What do you want your clients to shift the most?” I’ll ask, or I’ll go for the big vision. “What’s one thing that, if everyone in […]