The Law of Proportion

Striving for balance often equals striving for perfectionism. Whether we’re talking neatly pressed suits and manicures, or boho perfectionism, it’s all the same: a dynamic of assessing one’s life, seeing that there’s not enough of this and too much of that, and assuming that if things were evened out, it would all feel better. Truth […]

How to go from intention to realization

I believe in people’s basic goodness. I believe that your desires are worthy and your birthright. I believe that the explosion of self-help is an expression of our deep desire to connect and live from love. That said, I’m a down-to-brass-tacks gal. I genuinely want people to change their lives, and when I see that […]

the measuring stick of success

A client called me recently, in a tremendous amount of pain. She’s going through a hard time in her life and she was on social media (yep, we talked about how that’s not a great combo) and she saw someone post something about how other people are less likely to want to be around you, […]