The scarcity of “just being lucky”

I’d worked hard for something I wanted. I had sacrificed. Made tough choices. Worked long(er) hours. I’d done all the things that people do when they want some seriously big shit to happen. And–I’d succeeded! I was having a flat-out fantastic day, the kind where months of work were culminating in being supported and loved, […]

Three courageous approaches for your Big Dream

I recently finished work on a book proposal. This is a proposal that I’d spent most of 2012 knowing I needed to write, and…just not writing. This is a proposal that I ended up completely finishing in early January of 2013…and then I promptly sat on it. Why? The work wasn’t ready. Also? There was […]

What to do when dreams are slow in coming

When dreams are slow in coming, it’s heartbreaking. It’s easy to lose faith. You’ll ask yourself fifteen times whether or not you should give up. You start perusing articles online that tell you when to let go of something, give it up for lost. My favorite scene in the movie Moneyball is when Billy Bean […]