Talking Courage with Andrea Scher of Superhero Life

  One of the people I was keen to interview for the Courageous Living Program was Andrea Scher of Superhero Life. I knew that courage was central to her work, and I wanted to learn more about how she brought courage to the forefront of her life. In this short snippet, Andrea shares about her […]

How to use fear (so that it stops using you)

Talk to anyone long enough about fear, and you’ll find that fear is surprisingly…predictable. It shows up in the same 3-5 ways, depending on the context, circumstances, or person you’re interacting with and the internal narratives you carry about what those things mean for you and your life. This is the good news. The more […]

The best “New Year’s Resolution” you could make

Someone asked me, recently, about my take on New Year’s Resolutions–being a life coach, and all. Did I think they were helpful, for people? Pointless? Annoying? My answer: I think New Year’s Resolutions are like anything else in life. Your experience of it is all how you relate to it. (And, by the way, we […]