yoga prayers

In early 2013, shortly after I’d been diagnosed with infertility*, I would go to my weekly yoga class. It was a refuge of sorts; a place where, even when the world around me felt so grief-filled and sad and hard to understand, there would be this thing–yoga–that was stable from one week to the next. […]

the pure pleasure of not knowing

We all want to “know.” To know the answer. To know what’s happening, next. To know who we are. To know our purpose. To know how to…XYZ. Confession: I, too, have invested much of my life into “knowing.” As part of the quest to know, I was one of those people: Degrees, awards, certificates and […]

If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it.

Originally, this piece was going to be offered exclusively to the Courageous Living Coach Certification participants, but the feeling behind it became more expansive (and grew into being a full-fledged audio). Download the audio, hit play–and lather, rinse, repeat as necessary)   I know this, like I know nothing else: if you want it badly […]