The Keys to Courageous Love

  I recently took part in an interview with Kira Sabin, a dating coach and sought-after speaker on relationships who’s starting The League of Adventurous Singles (and if you’re single? This is a seriously different dating-related program than anything you’ve ever seen). One of the things that we talked about during our interview was how […]

four things to do when other people hate your choices

“I found out there weren’t too many limitations, if I did it my way.” –Johnny Cash There’s just one problem if you are someone who, like me, would have a preference if everyone liked her and agreed with all of her choices. (Wait–you thought that I didn’t have that preference? Of course I do. I […]

talking my talk

Thrilled to finally debut: my speaker reel. Occasionally, I am invited to get chatty as a keynote speaker with organizations, small businesses, and more and at a few of these events we got sassy and digitized all of it. Add in a sprinkle of Helvetica Neue, some hot music, a penchant for hugging the people […]