welcome to the world, kid courage

June 2nd, 2014. I wake up early, around 5am in the morning. I’m 38 weeks and a few days pregnant, and my first thought is that that’s it, I’m finally soooo pregnant that pregnancy-induced urinary incontinence, which I’ve heard afflicts some pregnant women, has now hit me. Good gravy. Seriously? Arrgh. Seriously. I head to […]

the power of provocative questions

Join the YCL community for the #ProvocativeQ challenge, all during the month of July! Click here: www.YourCourageousLife.com/begin to get started with the subscriber-only worksheet and information on how to participate. One of the most powerful lessons that I’ve learned is this: any time someone tells me something that I really, really dislike hearing, there’s something […]

How to stop avoiding discomfort

A lot of people talk about wanting to change their lives, and no one wants to be someone who is all talk, no action. So consider this provocative question: Do you avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable? Maybe it’s time to stop avoiding discomfort. Here’s a great way to tell whether or not you avoid […]