the slippery slope of apologizing for your joy

People: I had a baby. A baby! I’m pretty excited about her. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows this, because since she was born, it’s been baby-baby-baby. And color me biased, but: I think she’s reallllllly freaking cute. But– as the baby pictures began to accumulate on my feed, typically accompanied by me gushing […]

practicing courageous living (even when life is tough)

A few years ago, when I was a professor teaching full-time at the college level, I was handed a last-minute class after a professor was going to be out sick for the first month of the semester. Predictably, thinking of me as more of a “sub” than a permanent fixture, the students were pretty awful. […]

Why it’s worth it to do things your way

I hit a business milestone in 2012: I made more money from my business than I had made at my salaried job. (Note: I’m often asked, “How long did that take?” Answer: I ran my business as a side-hobby starting in 2006. I went full-time with it in late 2009). Then I hit another business […]